Get Your Game Face On!

Forget guerrilla marketing…
2022 is the year of the tiger

It’s in the eyes. Focus. Determination. Intent. The world’s most powerful go-getter. The biggest cat on the block. Organically adorned with war-paint, this magnificent creature wears its Game Face with pride.

The lion may hold the crown but when it comes to confidence, the tiger is king.

 Time to bring your Game Face

Be honest. Did you keep in touch with your customers enough last year?

Promise to contact them more this year? You’re 42% more likely to keep a resolution if you write it down+. And even more likely if you declare it publicly.

Time to bring your Game Face.

Publicly pledge to reconnect with customers. Treat them to regular updates. Hunt for fresh orders. Tempt back lost clients. Starting with a new year campaign.

Win $500 of marketing


If you are ready to commit to your marketing pledge, we are here to support you. How would $500 of marketing help you make tracks?

We are giving away $500 of marketing every week throughout January and February.

What could you do with yours?

You can redeem your marketing credit against any fabric display in our SPLENDIFEROUS SPACES booklet.*

Revamp your studio or office space. Blow the competition away at your next exhibition. Utilize more of your outdoor space. It’s entirely up to you.

Not sure where to start? Simply get in touch with your local studio. They will work with you to realize your pledge. Our experienced marketers can help you plan your campaign to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

How can I join in?

It’s easy! For your chance to win $500 of marketing, share a photo of your Game Face and announce your #GameFacePledge.

Game Face Mask

Hold our tiger mask flyer up to your face and take a selfie. Or ask a friend to take your picture.

You can snap a photo or record a short video. Videos not only get more views, but they also give you a better chance of scoring performance points! Go on, channel your inner Shere Khan, Tigger, or Joe Exotic.

Share on social media and announce your pledge. Your pledge can be anything you like. Remember to give us a mention and use the hashtag #GameFacePledge. We’ll announce the winners each week. And we are going to sweeten the deal! Tag #NettlofCuyahogaFalls and offer you an additional gift certificate for 25% off another product of your choice!

What will you commit to in 2022 to get back on track?

Game rules

How will we pick?
Our panel of judges will award each weekly prize to the most deserving entry. Awarding criteria includes:

  • Best background / location
  • Popularity / views / shares
  • Most interesting pledge
  • Fun factor

How will we notify the winners?
We’ll announce the results each week on our social media platforms.

How many entries per person?
There’s no limit to how many times you can enter. But each week we’ll be looking for quality, not quantity.


***The small print

By sharing your content, you’re agreeing that you can be featured in our competition gallery. We can share your photo or video on social media platforms, via email marketing or on our websites and you allow us to use your image for promotional purposes.

You may enter as many times as you like. All entries must be received by February 25, 2022. Your entry may be posted on social media, although we reserve the right to choose not to show it. The judge’s decision is final.

*The marketing voucher can be used on any product in our Splendiferous Spaces booklet. The voucher may not be redeemed on artwork, carriage or digital products. The prize can be redeemed until 30/03/2022 at a participating Nettl of Cuyahoga Falls studio.

The competition is running in both the US, UK and the Republic of Ireland. Weekly prizes will either be $500, £500 or €500, depending on where the winner is located.

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